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We are the world's leading website on traditional, indigenous, and integrative medical diploma and degree educational programs. We subscribe to the Universal Declaration of Human & Indigenous Rights; the Declaration of Alma-Ata (Primary Health Care for all (PHC), September 1978); the  urgent need  to protect and promote the health of all people; the provisions laid down by the Geneva Convention (1929) governing the position of Aid Societies in the field which are applicable to the national organizations of the St. John Orders, and applying to the Grand Priory of St. John of Jerusalem in England, the Orders of St. John (Johanniter) and of St. George in Germany, and similar nursing Orders in all countries including the Priory of St. John of St. Christopher/Nevis - the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in the Field of the Red Cross rc and Cross of St. John sj badges and banners being treated equal; the Christian Medical Commission mandate for primary health care; the Declaration of Geneva of the World Medical Assembly binding the physician with the words, "The health of my patient will be my first consideration," and the International Code of Medical Ethics declaring that, "A physician shall act only in the patient's interest when providing medical care, which might have the effect of weakening the physical and mental condition of the patient;" and the universal Hippocratic Oath.

These global mandates, conventions, and declarations, being entered into International Law, allows for all personnel so trained and registered, having taken oath under the Cross, commissions our graduates to tend to the sick, needy, poor and infirmed anywhere on planet earth. The Geneva Conventions comprise four treaties, and three additional protocols, that establish the standards of international law for humanitarian treatment. The very origin of the word 'hospital,' began with Christian charity and has left an indelible mark upon the face of humanity and was taken up by the Orders of the Hospitallers and continues to this day.

Its online school administration site is at https://schoolofnaturalmedicine.info.


University 40 Year History

The School of Natural Medicine began in Florida in 1981 as the state's first licensed school of Oriental (Acupuncture) & Homeopathic Medicine. It moved its campus to a 5 acre site on Nevis Island in 1989 and added the Jade Academy of Esthetics & Physick to its functions. The PanAmerican School then merged with the Sacred Medical Order and Therapeutae School of Metaphysics, now operating as a full scale University with online services since 1996. The University has held more than 1,000 seminaries worldwide and hosts teaching functions and medical residencies at its island Campus on the Sacred Medical Order's monastic grounds. It currently has over 2,000 students and graduates worldwide. Its online school administration site, operating on a moodle platform is at https://schoolofnaturalmedicine.info. The Florida campus continues as a registered college: http://sacredmonasticorder.org