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  School of Natural Medicine  
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The world's most advanced online University in natural sciences, metaphysics, theosophy, and medicine hosting over 100 courses of study, leading to degrees and diplomas.

School Of Natural Medicine
  School of Natural Medicine  

Any and all certificates, diplomas, and degrees issued by the University can now be apostilled by the Nevis Island Government. What better way to officially document your learning experience with PanAm!

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sdECUADOR COURSE & CLASSES 2015: Ya estamos aceptando matriculas para el primer periodo de estudios tendientes al Programa de Natuopatia de posgrado. Iniciamos en Enero con un curso presencial obligatorio en Ecuador. periodo orinario de matriculas arranca Septiembre. Periodo extraordinario arranca Oct. 1. inscribas e y matriculese ahora. ¡INSCRIBAse AHORA!
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Since 1979, the Pan American School of Natural Medicine has excelled at providing education to students around the world. Our extensive and comprehensive list of courses are dedicated to teaching natural medicine and clinical sciences.
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Schools within the University


The Jade Academy

The Jade Academy has successfully trained hundreds of therapists the world over for the last twenty five years and now introduces their new online Academy for continuing education under the School of Natural Medicine platform.


The Therapeutae School is an online esoteric study of a highly advanced synthesis of scientific, metaphysical and religious principles for use and practice in our modern age. This Therapeutic School of spiritual regeneration teaches practitioners of the Healing Arts how to activate one's latent psycho-physical and spiritual faculties which leads to development of the spirit/soul and transcendence from lower dimensional, physical existence. These studies assist in the healing of others in their respective ministries and stations of life.
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